We could not have even begun filming without the generous support of the following people. A SUPER HUGE SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Nathan Adloff Terry Barth Chris & Nathaniel Calnin Bill Elverman Denby Fukuda Katrina Harjung
Brandy Held Megan Hojnacki Erin Lynn Nicholas Mandujano Eva Mayer Joseph Moore
Rudy Munis Lisa Mysker Nadine Mysker Lindsay North Chris O'Donnell Glen O'Halleran
Nina Pilar Portillo Geno Rathbone ReelClever.com Ed Riley Tim & Julie Rout Emily Sprovtsoff
Michael Steinbeck Alicia Torres Joel Washing Eugene Yau Marsha Mood Joyce Fields

I wrote this script after moving to the south side of Chicago. I met an incredibly diverse group of people with insane stories. These people and stories served as the inspiration for NORMAL.

Shortly after finishing the script, I teamed up with two individuals to serve as the backbone of the project. Long-time friend GENO RATHBONE signed on as the protagonist PHIN. His natural humor and sarcasm made him an ideal candidate for the cynical lead. The sickly talented CHUCK PRZYBYL also signed on as the film's Director of Photography. Chuck brought with him a Canon 5d and a fresh visual perspective on the content I wrote. Suddenly, with the help of these two, I knew we'd be able to pull this off.

Though it was a constant challenge to complete the film on a shoe-string budget and a bare-bones crew, the people involved in Normal believed in the project. It is because of the talent and dedication of the cast and crew that this film is going to see the light of day. They are all incredible artists in their own right (many in various mediums).

We cannot continue doing what we do without an audience. Watch this film. Buy the DVD. Go see the bands involved in the project. Support the actors. Chicago has an inspirational art community and it takes so little to keep it thriving. Be a part of projects like this and we will keep trying to entertain, provoke, and bring joy into a world that can never have too much of it.